Accounting course


Accounting is necessary skill for finance and non finance persons. Even businessman should also know some basic accounting skill for smooth financial transactions.

I have recently launch Basic accounting course for beginners. The course is helpful to students, enterprenuers and beginners in finance field.

After completion of course, you will be able to

  1. Understand basic accounting terms
  2. Understand basic accounting principles
  3. Learn double entry systems and accrual accounting concept
  4. prepare journals, ledgers, trial balance and financial statements.

I have explained accounts from scratch and non finance person can also understand easily the concept.

The price of taking course is $59 but I am giving  it at $1  to 100 readers of Tax Masala.

As I am contributing in your progress, I am needing some help from you. I request you to give honest review about the course after completion of course. ( so that I can improve more.) You can give it via giving stars and short review.

You can join the course via this link.

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