Vijaya bank has invited applications for the bank concurrent audit for the year 2014-15.Chartered Accountant firm can apply from 6/5/14 to 4/6/14. If you are CA and interested in bank audit, just check the following criteria for selection as auditor.

  1. The chartered accountant firm should be on RBI panel.
  2. The firm should be partnership concerns.
  3. At least one partner should have DISA/CISA qualification.
  4. The firm should have necessary audit set up and staff to complete the work properly on time.

Also consider following Important points.

  1. Weightage shall be given to ex bankers and tied up with ex bankers.
  2. Experience in conducting concurrent audit of few public sector and major private sector banks should also be considered.
  3. The audit firm or sister concern should not be involve in conducting statutory audit of bank/branches of bank.
  4. The selected bank should accept all the terms of conditions laid down by government /RBI/BANK.
  5. The tenure of concurrent audit is 1.7.14 to 30.6.15 which may be renewed annually according to performance up to three years.
  6.  The decision for selection is of bank and no one can challenge it.
  7. The bank can modify terms and conditions for selection.
  8. The bank will communicate appointment to selected bank.
  9. Monthly remuneration shall be Rs. 9000 to Rs. 20000 depending upon level of business of bank.


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