Income tax return filling is easy. But there may be some difficulty when you lost income tax site password. Here i have given steps to recover income tax site password.

Last date for filling income tax return is 31st July. You can easily file return through e filling website. To learn how to file income tax return online,read my post

how to file income tax return in 7 steps.

Income tax site password recover
How to recover income tax site password

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How to recover income tax site password:


Go to income tax website. click on log in .

Click on forget password? button  near log in button.

You have to enter ID (pan card number) and image captcha code for recovering the password.

Now, you can see three option in following screen.

  1. Answer secret question : during registration, you or your CA has entered answer for secret question. Select the question and answer it.
  2. Upload digital signature certificate : You can log in to your account by uploading digital signature certificate. It is costly option which may cost  Rs. 1200 to 1500 for nil return.
  3. Enter e filled acknowledgement number and bank account number : Enter last year e filled acknowledgement number which you can find in last year’s form V.You also have to enter bank account number to recover the password.


After choosing option, you can see screen according to option, enter the details and you will see new password screen. Enter new password and that’s it. Your password is recovered.

If you don’t have any details above  , mail on with following details.


PAN holder’s name

Date of birth/date of incorporation

Name of father

Registered pan address.

On sending details, wait for 2 to 3 days. The password will be sent to registered email id. This is also one twist as registered email id will be the one which your tax profession has entered during registration. It all depends on whether he is providing you details or not. Last option is usage of digital signature certificate. You can also seek help from e filling website  help desk. Dial number -1800 4250 0025 for it. You can ask query in recovering password and problems in e filling.

How to recover income tax site password with bank site?

Good news is that now you can recover password from banking site. Following banks will give this facility.


  1. Corporation bank
  2. Union bank of India
  3. Oriental bank of commerce.

Steps for recovery of password through site of bank.


  1. Log in to net banking facility of site of the bank.
  2. Click on  “income tax e filling login” menu.
  3. Select account number and enter PAN number for verification and click on submit button.
  4. After that you have to click on accept button for accepting rules and regulations. Now you will see this message,”Your internet banking account shall be logged out and you will be redirect to income tax e filling website for the purpose of income tax return.” Click on OK.
  5. After clicking on submit button, you will be redirected to income tax e filling website where you can see following message.
  6. You can change password using profile setting.
  7. You can also avail any services like return filling, status checking of refund, form 26AS download etc from income tax website.

Other important points for password recovery:

  • Your net banking ID and password will not be shared with income tax department.
  • You can access all the facilities of income tax e filling website even if you forget password.
  • You should have registered with income tax e filling site to avail this option.
  • You should have net banking facility active in your bank account. If you don’t have net banking facility , contact to the bank. You have to just fill simple form and you can get ID and password after some days. You can log in to net banking facility with those id password.

Recovery of password through digital signature certificate is costly option for common man. Income tax department has taken good step to help e filler. I hope other banks will start this facility soon. Income tax department has notified for it on site. Don’t try to avail this facility on any other place or site to prevent your self from fraud.


I have narrated steps to recover income tax site password. I hope it will become helpful to you. Share this article with friends also. Thanks for reading.







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