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  1. Dear Madam, I have purchased a house Flat in an under construction Apartment with the following Documents:
    1) 316 Sq.ft. of UDS for Rs. 632000.00 vide Regd. Sale Deed No. 1875/2015 – on 25.03.2015.
    2) An agreement with the Builders for construction of a House Flat for 1600 Sq.ft.@ Rs. 1500/- as construction cost total : Rs. 1689000.00 plus Rs. 19000.00 for providing car parking and EB deposit, totally paid Rs. 1879000.00 as per Regd Deed No. 1874/2515- on 25.03.2015.
    Now the Bujilder asked for Service Tax @ 13.36% for the entire sale value and construction cost- totally for Rs. 632000 + .1879000.00. Sale of vacant(UDS) land was seperately charged vide Doc. No.1. Hence I refused to pay Service Tax For UDS 632000.00. I humbly request you to guide me how much amount to be paid for Service Tax to the Builders.


    • By admin


      Actually contact us page is not for asking queries.

      However, I am replying.

      First thing is that you are right no service tax is applicable on sale value. – Rs.632000.

      Other thing is that there is exemption for single residential house construction if it can be prove as single residential unit as per mega exemption of 20th june, 2012.Single residential unit has been defined as self contained residential unit designed for use of single family.If house has multiple floors /units and title of the each of the unit/floor is capable of being transferred, exemption is not available. You need to read notification 20/6/2012 service tax guide.

  2. By Virendra Rajpoot

    Thanks for this advice

  3. By shobhit jain

    If in Work contract Agreement is silent for service tax who is liable to pay service tax

  4. By rgoel

    I paid advance of 1,03,75,000 (cost * service tax) for a flat under construction in a housing society for 1 crore directly from them in June 2014 on 100% down payment basis. No agreement to sell or transfer have been signed till today. I was not aware and hence have not deducted any TDS. Pl help in computing tax liability, interest and penalty on filing TDS returns now.

  5. By CA Mrutyunjay Pandya

    we have an placed of an order for Vehicle hiring , said service provider is already registered under erection commissioning, works contract,

    Madam, my query is whether service provider should raised invoice including service tax and Reverse charge is applicable or not?

    Service receiver is company and service provider is firm,