Running ecommerce business in India is challenge. Specifically when you have limited available tools in Indian software market. Being profitable is challenging but what happens when you start getting orders and earning profit ? GST compliance I guess !! That’s why we introduce you with Khaata.

Khaata : Ecommerce accounting automation software in India

What is Khaata ?

Khaata is ecommerce accounting automation software invented by Green Duck Innovation – Hyderabad based IT firm.  It automates amazon and flipkart accounting. Its easy to use importation feature imports 70 vouchers per minute in tally. This software is beneficial to ecommerce seller vs accountants.

How it works ?

You can start easily with Khaata taking below steps :

  1. Go to website and register.
  2. Select the paid plan.
  3. Go to settings and add your amazon seller credential at amazon settings section.
  4. Install Khaata add on in Tally.
  5. To import the transactions in tally directly, Go to Add data. Here you can upload the amazon sales file or you can fetch amazon data directly.
  6. To fetch the data, you need to select the date, B2B / B2C  and click on update.
  7. Within few minutes you can get sales data imported in tally.
  8. Go to tally < Khaata add on. Here, you can create vouchers in tally from imported data by using import menu.
  9. You can see profitability analytics on Khaata dashboard.
  10. You can reconcile your inventory and payment with the software.

Benefits of using Khaata :

Accuracy :

Accuracy is the vital in accounting. One mistake in writing correct figure can lead to tax notices and penalty. Who has time for it? Khaata makes your ecommerce accounting accurate. No need of manual sales entry and no scope of error.


Time saver :

As I mentioned earlier, with khaata you can import 70 vouchers / minute in tally. If you have 2000 orders per month, your bookkeeper has to spend 2.5 week in recording it. With Khaata, you can record this within half hour. Your bookkeeper can spend his time on more valuable work such as reports or compliance.

GST Compliance:

Khaata imports all the data with taxes – CGST, IGST, SGST, stock items, quantity sold, shipping fees, gift fees. Your tax consultant can download GST reports once you imported the data in tally. No need to do any editing. This will make your GST compliance easy, accurate and fast, thanks to Khaata.

Multi platform supported:

Currently Khaata supports Amazon accounting and Flipkart accounting. More and more platforms will be added soon. Soon you can do restaurant accounting – swiggy and zomato with Khaata.

Not limited to Online business:

If you are doing local business and not selling online, Khaata can still help you. You can import your sales data in Khaata, reconcile inventory and get profitability analytics. This feature is completely free for all.

Pricing of Khaata :

Khaata currently offers three plans :

1.  Founder

This plan is free and for retailers selling offline and online. You can know product profitability, day wise sales analysis and tax information with this plan. However, you can’t do invoice importation with this plan.

  1. Business :

This plan is for online sellers. With this plan, you can run profitability reports, import invoices directly from Amazon / Flipkart to Tally and get GST data. This plan will cost you ₹399/ mo. This plan is limited to one company.

  1. Accountant :

This plan is suitable for Accountant, tax consultants and CAs. This plan allows you to do data importation for unlimited companies ! This plan will cost you ₹999/mo.


Success of business depends on your skill of following current trend. Ecommerce opened paths to unlimited business growths without limiting to any territory. Platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart work as facilitator to this business growth. If you are already one of the smart eCommerce entrepreneur in India, don’t forget to take benefit of amazing software Khaata.  Create your free account today with this link.