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How to file rectification request under income tax act?

  Hi, I hope you complete work of income tax return filling in july. Still if you find the mistake, you can file revised return up to 31st March, 2016. But remember that belated return can’t be revised. Belated return is return which has been filed after due date of return filling. It is 31st july for non audited party and non company assessee. So what to do when you have filed belated return and found mistake in it and received CPC demand order? The answer is file rectification request to income tax department.   Rectification request can be filed in two ways. First: File online rectification request: You have to file online rectification request if you file online income tax return. Second: File rectification request manually: If you file income tax return manually, file rectification request manually. What mistakes can you correct from rectification? Rectification request is limited to error in arithmetic calculation or mistake apparent from record. Mistake apparent from record can be mistake of law or fact but not be debatable issue of interpretations. Rectification request can be filled only to amend intimation or deemed intimation u/s 143(1). Time Limit: Time limit for filling rectification request is 4 years from the end of financial year in which the order was passed. It means that if order is passed in july 2014, you can file rectification up...

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Form 26AS – detailed analysis

Form 26AS is introduced by income tax department and tdscpcl. It is a really useful tool which not only gives you annual  tax related information, but also saves you from income tax notices.In this part, we will analysis each part of form 26AS. Form 26AS is divided in six parts: PART A: Here, we can see information about total TDS deducted by deductor during the year. Sections means in which income tax section your tds was deducted. Transaction date means when an amount was deposited or credited to your account. To get the tax credit, the status of booking...

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How to register on traces website as taxpayer

Registration procedure on traces site is bit long. Learn from this article about how to register on traces website as tax payer. Although the procedure is long,  once you are registered you can avail many facility provided by traces. You can view TDS/TCS credit, verify form 16, view refund status etc. In this article, we will see the steps to register on traces website. How to register on traces website as taxpayer: Step 1: Go to traces site. Click on register as new user< tax payer. You have to fill validation details under step 1. For it, enter your PAN number, date of birth and surname (as per pan). You have two options for entering tax deduction details. Option 1: Enter tan of deductor, type of deduction -whether it is TDS on salary, TDS on non salary or TCS. Enter the amount and month and year of deduction. You can use form 16/16A/26AS for filling details. option 2: ( easy option) I show you easy path. Make Rs. 10 payment -advance tax through – challan no. 280 and make payment through net banking. enter details of it in option 2 – challan details of tax deposited by taxpayer. ( Remember that you need to register 2 or 3 days later on traces after making payment so that your challan details are updated in tin. )  Enter A.Y. of...

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income tax site password recover with easy steps

Income tax return filling is easy. But there may be some difficulty when you lost income tax site password. Here i have given steps to recover income tax site password. Last date for filling income tax return is 31st July. You can easily file return through e filling website. To learn how to file income tax return online,read my post how to file income tax return in 7 steps. Photo credit : Morgue file How to recover income tax site password:   Go to income tax website. click on log in . Click on forget password? button  near log...

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How to register your account on income tax website

Income tax e filling is very simple. First step of income tax e filling is registration on income tax e filling website. In this post, I have narrated the steps for e filling portal member registration. Step 1: Go to  income tax  e filling website. step 2: Click on register to yourself seen on right side. After clicking, you can see registration form. , select your category from Individual, HUF, company , firm, AOP etc. Your category will be the one which is applied during pan application. So you can know your category by know your jurisdiction section. in most of the cases, it is individual. Step 3: After filling appropriate category, you have to fill another form. Enter basic details – in which you have to provide PAN number, date of birth,primary email id, Name (as per pan card)(surname first, after that middle name, after that first name),  primary mobile number. Step 4: File another form named registration form. In which you have to enter Password -it must be combination of numbers, capital letters, small letters, special characters. Example: Tarannum@007, TARANNUM@786, Pranay@143 etc. (please write password in some book or note for future reference ) your communication address, secondary mobile number and email id which is optional, primary secret question and its answer and  secondary secret question and its answer. Please select the question and answer which you can...

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