April 2015 is running and you may be asked by your banker to submit form 15G or Form 15H. You can download this form here. In this article I will explain you – how to fill form 15G or form 15H correctly? and who should submit form 15G or form 15H to bank for non deduction of TDS? Let’s start.

Meaning of form 15G / form 15H:

Form 15G or form 15H is submitted to requrest income provider for not deducting income for prescribed income. In that form, declaration maker declares that his estimated taxable income for the same year is NIL.

Who can submit form 15g or form 15H?

Nowadays there may be fashion to submit form 15G or form 15H to bank. My Clients even do not know meaning and usage of form 15G / form 15H but they are demanding those forms. Please be clear that all are not required to submit form 15G / form 15H. ( even your banker is asking you to submit)

Only resident Indian can submit form 15G / form 15H. NRI cannot submit those forms. Also note that individual and person can submit form 15G/ H and company and firm cannot submit those forms. However, AOP and HUF can submit those forms.

To submit those forms, your taxable income should be NIL for that year.

If you fulfill following conditions, submit form 15G / form 15H:

  1. Your estimated tax liability for the current year is NIL and
  2. Your interest for financial year does not exceed basic exemption limit + relief under section 87A.


Understand whom should submit form 15g/ h and whom should not for financial year 2015-16 through this table.


Age of personInterest income/ dividend income Other incomeTotalEstimated taxable income (after rebate u/s 87A)Can he submit form 15g/ 15h?

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Whom to submit form no. 15G / 15H:

You can submit the form to bank, post office or mutual fund, nsc where you have made investments and receiving income (interest on securities, dividend,interest other than interest on securities, interest on units, interst on fixed deposits)  from that investment.

Consequences of wrongly submitting form 15G or form 15H:

If your estimated income from all the sources is more than the basic exemption limit ( + relief under section 87A if applicable), don’t submit form 15G or form 15H to income provider. Wrongly submission of form 15G / form 15H will attract section 277 of income tax act.

wrongly submission of form 15G/ FORM 15H


If you cannot read clearly in above picture, read below the section.


Section 277 in The Income- Tax Act, 1995
277. 2 False statement in verification, etc. If a person makes a statement in any verification under this Act or under any rule made thereunder, or delivers an account or statement which is false, and which he either knows or believes to be false, or does not believe to be true, he shall be punishable,-

(i) in a case where the amount of tax, which would have been evaded if the statement or account had been accepted as true, exceeds one hundred thousand rupees, with rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than six months but which may extend to seven years and with fine;
(ii) in any other case, with rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than three months but which may extend to three years and with fine.]
You may think who will inform income tax department about submission of form 15G/ 15H by me. Remember that income provider will send one copy to IT department to verify correctness of form 15G or form 15H. Besides, income tax department also makes changes in form 26AS and insert PART A1- details of tax deducted at source for 15G/ 15H.
download form 15G or form 15H
So be careful about submission of form 15G or form 15H .

When to submit form 15G / form 15H?

Form 15G/ form 15H should be submitted in the starting of the financial year – generally in April. So income provider will not deduct TDS on that income.

Difference between form 15G / form 15H:

Form 15G is for non senior citizen  ( person with age of less than 60 years) . On the other side form 15H is for senior citizen  ( person whose age is 60 years or more ) during the current financial year.

Download form 15G/ form 15H:

You can download form 15G or form 15H from the link given in the beginning of article or specific form published by your banker.


How to fill form 15G/ form 15H:

How to fill Form 15G ?

Form 15G is divided in two parts.

Part 1 is for declaration giver- for you.

Part 2 is for declaration receiver – for bank, post office etc.

You are required to use part 1.

I will explain PART 1 of form 15G point wise.

  1. Name : write name as per pan card.
  2. PAN : write your PAN number.
  3. Status : Individual/ HUF/ AOP as applicability to you.
  4. Previous year: Current financial year. Suppose you are submitting form 15G for 2017-18’s income. The PY is 2017-18.
  5. Residential status: Resident.
  6. Flat/ Door/ Block no. : Current Address details .
  7. Name of premises: Current Address details.
  8. Road : current address details.
  9. Area : current address details.
  10. Town : current address.
  11. State : Current state.
  12. PIN : pin code number
  13. Email: Your email address.
  14. Telepone number.
  15. Whether assessed to tax under income tax act, 1961- Yes, if your net income is more than basic exemption limit for any of the six assessment year preceding the year in which the declaration is filed. So if you are filling form 15G for FY 2017-18, you need to check income of FY 2015-16 and previous 5 years. If you have no any taxable income for any year, tick No.
  16. Estimation income for which declaration made: Suppose you are filling form 15G for interest income, mention estimated total interest income of the year.
  17. Estimation total income of the year. In this column, mention estimated the total income of all sources. Includes salary, interest, house property income, PF income, pension income etc.
  18. Mention number of Form 15G/H you have submitted ( Other than this form) during the year. You are also required to mention aggregate income for which you have declaration made. Ex. Riya has submitted 2 forms for interest income to 2 banks. Total aggregate interest income is Rs. 120000. So she needs to mention 2 in first column and Rs. 120000 in the second column while filling the third form.
  19. Details of income for which declaration is made.

There are 5 columns in this section. Mention distinctive number of investment ( ask bank, mutual fund helpdesk for this number), the amount of income, nature of income and section under which tax is deductible. Refer this post to learn about various section under which TDS is deducted.


After filling details, sign the declaration.

There is additional row about declaration in which you need to write assessment year, previous year, name to complete the application.

Mention date and place and sign again.

Part 2 of form 15G/H:

Don’t fill any thing in part 2. The person whom you are furnishing declaration ( BANK, POST OFFICE ETC.) will fill this part. Leave it blank.

How to fill form 15H?

There is no difference in filling form 15H. Fill the details as per guidance given above.

Other important things to know:

Declaration under form 15G/ form 15H is not alternative of income tax return:

No matter you have given a declaration to bank or others for non-deduction of TDS, you are required to file income tax return if required in income tax act.

What to do when TDS deducted though 15G/ form 15H submitted:

If your income payer deducts TDS from income though submission of the above forms, you can file a return and claim TDS refund as per your tax liability. No need to worry about it. Don’t ask him to refund TDS because he has already deposited it in government department through TDS return.

Attached PAN card copy w the th declaration:

It is necessary to attached pan card copy with declaration of form 15g/h.

Filling form 15g or form 15H for PF withdrawal:

Due the to amendment of section 192A of IT act, the if employee has rendered service for less than 5 years and has accumulated balance is more than or equal to Rs. 30000, he is required to submit form 15G/H along with pan card.

Otherwise TDS will be deducted at 10% (if pan is given).

TDS will not be deducted in following cases:

  1. when there is continuous service of more than 5 years.
  2. When PF amount is less than Rs. 30,000.
  3. When Form 15G/H and PAN is given and PF accumulated balance is more than or equal to Rs. 30,000 and service rendered is less than 5 years.
  4. Termination of service is due to ill health, discontinuation the of business of employer, completion the of project or other reasons which are not in control the of employee.

Mention PF income in column 17 if it is taxable.

Submit form 19 with form 15G/H for PF withdrawal.

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I have tried here to give detailed guidance for form 15g / 15h. If this article becomes helpful to you, share it on social media to encourage me to write.









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  1. last return I filed was for AY 2011-12 in 48(1)THEN left the job and since then do not have any income except interest from fixed deposits which is more than Rs 10000 but less than taxable income. what shall I fill in columns 7,10,14 and 17.please help me.


      1. Hi,
        I have left the organization in the month of Sep, 2015. I need to withdraw my pf amount…I need your help in filling form 15g… as I m submitting the form in the current financial year and currently I am not employed.. what would be the previous year mentioned under column 4 under form 15g…what should I mention under section 15….
        16. Estimated total income for which the declaration is made(will this be the amount which is
        included in form 16 under serial number 12???
        17. Estimated total income of the previous year???(Will this be the same amount from form 16??)
        18: Aggregrate income for which form 15g is filled?

      2. Hi,

        I need your help in filling form 15g for pf withdrawal. I have left the organizationn in the month of Sep, 2015 and I am currently unemployed. The total income which is mentioned in form 16 is 220200 and my pf amount is 41943. As I am filling the form in this new financial year, I need your help. Please help me with this details:
        4. Previous year?
        15. (a) Whether assessed to tax under the Yes No
        Income-tax Act, 19615
        (b) If yes, latest assessment year for which assessed(should I input 2015-16)
        16. Estimated income for which this declaration is made(please help with the exact amount)
        17. Estimated total income of the P.Y. in which income mentioned in column 16 to be included(please help with exact amount)
        19. Details of income for which the declaration is filed?
        Also, what years should I input under the Declaration/Verification
        I/We further
        declare that the tax *on my/our estimated total income including *income/incomes referred to in column 16 *and
        aggregate amount of *income/incomes referred to in column 18 computed in accordance with the provisions of the
        Income-tax Act, 1961, for the previous year ending on ……………….. relevant to the assessment year ………………will
        be nil. *I/We also declare that *my/our *income/incomes referred to in column 16 *and the aggregate amount of
        *income/incomes referred to in column 18 for the previous year ending on ……………….. relevant to the assessment
        year ……………… will not exceed the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income-tax.””

        {Please help with exact data. I am really confused)
        Thanks in advance.

      1. I am submitting 15G for pf withdrawal from my previous pf account. I left last organisation in year 2014. please tell me what will be my assessment year and last assessed year. I do not have any share ,NSC or FD or security amount.Then what should I fill in column 22 and 23 . plzz guide me

      2. In column 23, it is estimated taxable total income of current year 2015-16. For assessment year,it is 2016-17. Last assessed year, 2015-16.

      3. Thank you for your replay

        Actually I have paid tax for year 2015-2016 .

        So I am thinking that they will definitely deducted tax on pf withdrawal if I submit 15g or not it doesn’t matter .

        Am I right or I should submit it and can you tell me in which schedule pf amount will come

  2. Tarannumji, your article is excellent and covers the subject in details. Thanks for the article
    You have clearly mentioned that AOP can submit 15G. Bank of Maharashtra returned the form and asked for TDS exemption letter from Income tax department. Our society has no income from Hoarding or Tower. Interest on Bank FD is less than Rs. 2 lacs. Other banks have accepted

    1. Thanks for appreciation. If bank deducts TDS, file the return and claim refund.

  3. It is very helpful thank you. But I don’t what about part 2 in this 15 G form. How do I fill that

    1. You are not required to fill part 2. Income payer will fill the form where you submit the form.)

      1. I have to give this 15 G form to save tds in my pf amount. Can I submit this form without filling the part 2 in pf office

  4. Hi Tarannum ,

    Thank you so much for the valuble information, I dont understand why things related to IT are too complicated always, some people hesitate to fill these forms, they even prefer to loose their money.

  5. I am not able to understand the 3 answer why we required to write 20116-17 why not 2016-17

  6. Hi Tharanumm Khatri,
    i am applying for PF for the first time, what should i enter in the 14th column? where should i enter AO code details i am confused either in 10th or 20th coulmn. one more thing is i worked from May 2013 to Feb 2015… Now i am applying for PF. can you tell me what Assessmet year i should enter.Please help me…

    1. Ay is 2016-17 because you are submitting form for current year estimated income.Last assessment year is 2015-16.

  7. I felt very happy by seeing this Article… Thanks alot… its like a guide to me in filling this form,,,

      1. Hi Tarunnum,

        wonderful article 🙂

        What needs to be filled in distinctive number of units and income in respect of units in Schedule IV of form 15g.

        I have tax saving mutual fund and have not withdrawn any amount from that. But also have open ended MF which I have withdrawn. Please suggest what to fill.

        Abhishek Srivastava

      2. There is specific number of each unit which is called distinctive number of unit. You are required to show income on mutual fund on last column -income on units. However, I request you to consult your mutual fund company desk for further information.

  8. want to know about filled no 22 and 23 of 15 G form.i have left the job on 23rd march and there is no income for me at present.i want to withdraw my epf.i have fds also.but in my 26c form all the transactions are nil.please suggest me what should i write in 22 n 23.

    1. You are submitting form for current year estimated income and not for past income. Include pf income in point no. 23 if it is taxable. Also show fd interest income in schedule 3.

  9. I am from Bangalore. i am withdrwing my PF. In that Form 15 G .. I do not have any of those Schedules in my name. No Shares, No Securities, No Sums given , No Mutual fund account , No National savings scheme account.
    what should i select in those.Can i leav them blank .Please suggest its very urgent.

      1. Hi Ma’m, this is a greatly helpful article 🙂
        I am looking to withdraw my PF which comes to around 40-50K. Is it taxable? What should I mention in column 23?

      2. Taxability depends on nature of PF ( recognized or unrecognized).You are required to show total estimated income ( from all sources less deductions) in column 23.

      3. Previous year means financial year when you are submitting form 15H.

        For today, it is P.Y. 2016-17

  10. Tarannum ji, May I required to be fill this form to make a withdrawal of PF amount.
    Is it same method to fill this form?

    1. Yes, fill the form as per article. Include pf income in estimated income if it is taxable.

  11. Good evening mam, Very nice article. I want to know one thing mam,
    My father is a retired defence personnel and he is receiving Disability pension. As you know that disability pension is fully exempted from income tax, So how he will file IT return to get refund of TDS deducted by bank from FDs. I Know that he will fill the interest from FDs in the income from other sources field in the ITR, but where to show the income from pension which is fully exempted from income tax. If he shows in the coloumn income from salary, then how IT department will come to know that it is a disability pension. Request advice….. regards…

    1. No need to show income which is already exempt. FIle return showing income from interest.

  12. Hi Ms. Khatri,

    Really a very helpful artical.

    I would like to know in case of PF withdrawal, is it mandatory to share the income from salary in15G or only PF amount is mandatory to mention. If income from salary needs to mention then where i can share my investment & expenses like LIC, HRA, Mediclaim, Tution fee etc.

    Looking for your prompt reply.

    1. Show only estimated total income ( taxable income including all income) amount in column 23. No need to mention LIC, mediclaim etc. separately.

      1. Hi Tarannum,

        I have left my previous org on March 2015 and now i want to withdraw my EPF amount.

        I have few question as shown below.

        where do i mention HRA and LIC amounts in column 22. i mean there are Schedukle I to V. where to click for LIC and HRA among those V schedules. And one more question shall i need to attach those LIC and HRA orignal reciepts? . please help me.

    2. Show all your estimated income total less investment in column 23. NO need to mention investment anywhere.

  13. I have applied for PF withdrawal from my last company and I left that company on march 13th 2015. They have sent me mail to fill the form 15G/H. I am little confused for filling the below section details.

    4) Assessment Year :
    21] Estimated total income from the sources mentioned below:

    I don’t know how much amount I will get from PF withdrawal.

    Please help me on this.

    1. A.Y. 2016-17

      Mention detail of income from sources mentioned in column 22.

      Ask your company about PF accummulation.

      Show all estimated income for year 2015-16 in column 23.

  14. Really Very Helpful Article. Thankyou Mam for sharing this useful information.

    If i show Assessment Year 2016-17, What that means ?
    Because i am applying in 2015-16, than why i have to write 2016-17. i am not getting this.

    1. For previous year ( Current year) 2015-16 form 15g submission, assessment year is 2016-17.

  15. Hi Tarannum,

    For PF withdrawal,
    1. Where do we mention the PF balance and where do we mention the estimated total income? I am a bit confused.
    2. Is the PF balance a sum of EE amount and ER amount which is updated on the EPF website?
    3. Is it necessary to submit form 15g if the sum of EE and ER amount is around 80k

    1. Submit form 15g and include PF amount in estimated total income if PF is taxable. If accumulated amount is more than Rs. 30,000 and service is rendered less than 5 years, submit form 15G.

  16. I have some queries.

    1) How many times I have to submit 15G form in a Year for my wife?

    Actually I opened FD in a bank in Sep 2014 and submit 15 G form now after completion of financial year 31 march 2015 I didn’t fill 15 G form and bank deducted my TDS. Even bank didn’t give me any intimation for that like sms, mail. phone call or by post.

    2)To get this deducted amount I have to file ITR in year 2016 because right now deducted amount not showing any where (TRACES | Form 26AS) and bank will give interest certificate after 31st may 2016. (Because same happened with my mother in previous year – 2014)

    My FD details
    OBC Bank, Interest received Quarterly, 9% interest rate, Principal Amount 8,00,000, FD A/c holder my wife -housewife no other source of income

    1. Form 15G is required to submit in april of financial year.

      As you submit form late, bank has deducted TDS. You can file return up to 31st August, 2015 for fy 2014-15.

      Check form 26AS before filling return.

  17. Hi Madam,

    I want to withdraw my pf amount from my previous employee. where should i mention LIC and HRA amount in column 22 of 15G?
    Do i need to submit the receipts of LIC and HRA by attaching to 15G?

    Please reply.


    1. You are not required to show hra and lic in column 22. COlumn 22 is for estimated income for the year.

  18. Hello,Mam,

    Could you please help me to avoid tds on epf.i have lic and HRA.

    LIC and HRA are allowed to sumit to withdrawal of epf. if yes, where do i need to mention those amount details in the form 15g?

  19. I want to know something……

    I have left my job last year in june 2014 and till now i am still not working due to my family problems and now i want to withdraw my pf due to financial needs. I was completed approximately 3 years in job and my pf is 40-45k only. So i need the guidelines to apply for that.

    1. Submit form 15G and submit form 19 also. Show estimated total income of current year 2015-16 in column 23 if PF amount is exempt don’t include it in it.

  20. Hello Mam,

    I am trying to fill the form 15g for the PF withdrawal. I am trying to withdraw the PF from My previous organization where my last working day was 9th April 2014. I haven’t withdrawn my PF Yet. I am Facing few Troubles while Filling the 15g Form.

    1. for Colum 3 what Assessment year should I fill as I had left my previous Company on 9th April 2014.
    2. what needs to be filled in Colum 14 Last assessment year in which assessed.
    3. I don’t have any income from the Sources like shares, FD etc. can I leave those blank.
    4. My PF balance is around 55k where Do I Mention it?
    5. in Colum 23 it states that total income of the Previous Year – Kindly let me know what to Fill in this . DO I have to fill the Salary for last year or only The PF amount?

    I just need to fill the form 15g for the PF Withdrawal. which all Colums are to be filled??

    as I am Completely new to form 15g I am quite Puzzled, Sorry for the Silly Questions. It will be of Great help if you could help me out,

    1. Assessment year 2016-17 as you are submitting declaration for current year income.

      Last assessment year 2015-16 if you have any income during fy 2014-15.

      No need to mention PF amount separately but include it in estimated total income ( for fy 2015-16) of column 23 if PF is taxable. ( Note that all PF withdrawal are not taxable. Depends on nature of PF)

      Leave interest etc schedule blank if you have not any income from that sources.

  21. Also I would like to add that I have not Filed Any IT Return Till date. in this case Could you please help me out how to fill the Form?

    1. I can’t help you to fill ITR due to time constrain but you can avail our online IT return filling service to get filed IT return easily.

  22. Hi Mam, if my last year pf is 36k and i have paid LIC 50k, so can i mension in 23 column with amount 86k?

  23. Dear Mam, Can I submit form 15G for my wife, who is a housewife, for avoiding TDS on her bank deposits. Request advice…

    1. If interest income is less than basic threshold limit for current financial year and she has no any income, You can submit form 15g for tds avoidance.

  24. Dear mam,
    Ur article really very useful and good. I have a doubt in filling form for pf withdrawal..i had left job in July 2014.
    What should I mention in assessment year and estimated total income..or else please keep sample filled form.
    Thanking you

    1. Write assessment year 2016-17 if you are submitting form for year 2015-16. Estimated income means total income from all the heads. Include PF amount if it is taxable. I will update sample form soon as many people have doubt on this point.

  25. Hello,

    Have small query, if you could please assist.

    For example, If total income (from other sources) is 4 lakh rupees and did 1.5 lakh saving in section 80c. After saving the net taxable income is 2.5 lakh.
    According to tax slab, this net amount is exempted for any tax.
    So which amount I need to mention in Point# 21 & 22, .. 4L or 2.5L
    In nutshell, can we avail the facility of “section 80c savings” and exclude that from total income.
    Please advise.


  26. Thank you for your article.

    Let me know who will submit Form 15 G and who will submit Form 15 H
    Also what is difference between these two Forms

  27. Are u sure that we have to write current year’s estimated income for AY 16-17 or as it says previous year’s for AY15-16.. because it clearly says estimated income of previous year i,e AY 15-16

    1. If you are submitting form for income of current year which is fy 2015-16, write a.y. 2016-17.

  28. My only income for this financial year is the amount from the Provident fund, so should I mention that value in Point no. 23, while submitting 15G for PF withdrawal?

  29. hi this is Bharati, Very nice article and very helpful indeed. But I have questions.

    1) I am trying to withdraw PF from my previoous employer and I was working with them till January 2015. Assessment year will be 2015-2016 right?

    2) Point 7: This is confusing as there are many details in “Know your jurisdiction” Which is ward circle? It is details under “Jurisdiction” or “AO Type” or “Range Code”

    3) Point 10: AO code: Is it the “Range Code” which is a 3 digit number?

    4) Point 14: Last assessed year would be 2014-2015 right?

    5) Point 17: Ward circle would be “Jurisdiction” or “AO Type” or “Range Code”?

    6) Point 20: present ward circle. I am currently in Pune but pan card is registered to chennai. So wil it be the same as Point 7.

    7) Point 22: I do not have income from interest on securities or FD or Mutual funds. Can i leave it blank?

    8) Point 23: What does it mean PF income and salary. Is it the estimated income for year 2015-16 inc current employers PF?

    Please help. Thanks in advnace.

    1. You are receiving PF this year and submitting form 15g for it.

      The assessment year will be 2016-17 as you are submitting form for this year.

      You can see juridiction from this link – https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/Services/KnowYourJurisdictionLink.html

      Last assessed year 2015-16

      ward circle -write as per point 10 -same

      point 20 – write as per pan card details – point 10

      point 22- leave blank

      Point 23 – I have not shown any option as per form I have for PF income and salary. However in point 22 estimated income for current year 205-16 including pf if pf is taxable.

      I hope this will help.

  30. Dear Mam,
    Really it is a good article to help regarding Form 15G/15H. But I have doubt to filling this form for PF withdrawal. In schedule III, what is mentioned on “Date on which the sums were given on interest” and the Period. Kindly clarify my doubt at earliest.
    Thanks & Regards

    1. It means date when you have made FD. It is on top of the FD certificate. Please check.

  31. Hi Mam ,

    I am applying for PF from my previous organisation where i worked till December 2014 . What should i write in Assessment Year ?

  32. Hi Madam, I worked in Chennai For a mumbai based company ,in Bandra I. I worked between March 2008 to march 2011. After I moved abroad to work. I’m currently working abroad. I do not have any any FD’s ,mutual funds,Shares or securities. Shall I fill Form 15G?

    1. If you are non-resident indian, you cannot submit form 15G. You have also no income in India so no need to submit form 15G.

  33. hi,

    my previous salary is 2.7 where I am not eligible for tax…kindly advise what amount to give in 23

  34. Hi Mam,

    This is really helpful as I am filling the the form-15G for the first time. Thanks for that.

    It would be really great if you could just help me on following query:

    I am filling this form for PF withdrawal from my previous employer. I did work for about 4 years for previous employer and PF amount would be more than 30K for sure. I left the job in Dec’13 and now working in another organization, where currently PF is not getting deducted. For this time period I did not do any PF account transfer or Withdrawal.

    Now I have decided to withdrawal the PF amount from my previous employer. I am confused on what to fill for points – 22, 23 and 24 (which Schedule to use, if needed) in Part-1.

    Thanks in Advance,

    1. Tick on applicable schedule in 22.

      Write estimated total income of current year 2015-16 in point 23. ( include PF amount in it if it is taxable)

      Write details about applicable income in schedules 24. Otherwise leave it blank.

  35. Good Morning mam, My TDS has been deducted by bank due to non submission of PAN and form 15 G against my FDs, Can I take the refund of TDS by filing ITR. Request Advice.

  36. Very informative Article Maam, with clear cut guidance to fill the columns as relevant. Appreciate the efforts that you have put. This will ensure the common people can understand well.

  37. Hello Mam
    Would like to know, i may have a tax liability from my salary income in the current financial year (income will be more than 2,50,000 ). in that case for my pf withdrawal and non deduction of tax, submitting form 15G will be of any use ? or can i get rid of tax deduction from my pf amount ? I am withdrawing the amount after 2 years of service. What do i do in this case “?

    1. Do not submit form 15G when you have taxable income for current year. THe form is for the person who does not have estimated taxable income in current year 2015-16. You can file return and claim refund for tds next year.

  38. Hi Mam,

    One week back i left my job and I want to apply for my PF in previous organisation.

    Can I leave section 22 & 23 blank? I have not invested money in any of the sources mentioned in the section 22.

    And I have I was holding insurance policy but have not payed premium past 4 months.
    Do i need to include that also ?

    Kindly clarify.

    1. Yes, you can leave column 22 blank.

      You are required to include pf income in column 23 if it is taxable. Also include estimated total income of current year.

      Insurance policy is not important here.

  39. very nice n helpful article…thanks a lot for posting this article….

  40. Hi,
    I am filling the form 15g for the PF withdrawal. I am trying to withdraw the PF from My previous organization where my last working day was 30th Jan 2013. I haven’t withdrawn my PF Yet. I am Facing few Troubles while Filling the 15g Form. Currently am not in India am moved to US.

    1. for Colum 3 what Assessment year should I fill as I had left my previous Company on 30th Jan 2013.
    2. what needs to be filled in Colum 14 Last assessment year in which assessed.
    3. I don’t have any income from the Sources like shares, FD etc. can I leave those blank.
    4. What i need to fill in colum 17,20,21 and 22
    5. in Colum 23 it states that total income of the Previous Year – Kindly let me know what to Fill in this . DO I have to fill the Salary for last year or only The PF amount?

    1. A.Y. -2016-17

      Leave blank
      for 17,20,21 – go to the link -https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/Services/KnowYourJurisdictionLink.html

      COlumn 23 – estimated total income of 2015-16 including pf withdrawal if it is taxable.

      1. Hi ,
        I am filling the form 15g for the PF withdrawal. I am trying to withdraw the PF from My previous organization where my last working day was 30th Jan 2013. I haven’t withdrawn my PF Yet. I am Facing few Troubles while Filling the 15g Form. Currently am not in India am moved to US.

        1. for Colum 3 what Assessment year should I fill as I had left my previous Company on 30th Jan 2013.
        2. what needs to be filled in Colum 14 Last assessment year in which assessed.
        3. I don’t have any income from the Sources like shares, FD etc. can I leave those blank.
        4. What i need to fill in colum 17,20,21 and 22
        5. in Colum 23 it states that total income of the Previous Year – Kindly let me know what to Fill in this . DO I have to fill the Salary for last year or only The PF amount?


  41. I have worked till April 2015 in india. now moved to abroad and I wants to withdraw the PF . Can I fill 15 G ?. I have about 2.3 Lac PF + 80 K final settlement ( After deducting 10 % Tax ) as estimated Income for this FY. so what amount I can mention in column 22, 23 respectively. I have less than 5 yrs of service.

    Please reply. thanks

    1. As you are NRI, you cannot give form 15G/ H. You are reqired to mention estimated taxable income from india in column 23. 80000 + 230000 ( If pf is taxable). All accumulated PF withdrawals are not taxable.

  42. HI Tarannum,

    I am an Indian Resident and not an NRI. I have been working in abroad for past 1.5 Years so I do not have any indian Salary. What shall I enter for my income details in form 15G

    1. If you are going to receive any taxable income from India during current year, write it otherwise leave it blank.

  43. I’ve withdrawn my National Savings Scheme amount this year in April 2015. I don’t remember the exact amount and the account number. How do I proceed ?

  44. salaried employees what to fill in Column 19, Column 23
    In column 23 is it salary after deductions(80 c, section 10, etc) plus Pf for the year 2015-16, is it right.

    1. IN column 19 – salaried employee

      IN column 23 – estimated taxable total income ( After deducting all the deductions and exemption)

  45. Hi ,

    Can you let me know whether i have to fill current address or permanent address please reply fast and you can reply on mail also.

      1. Hi,

        I worked in an Organization for over 8 years and quit in April 2015. I would like to withdraw my PF amount( >30K) and I understand that I do not have to submit Form 15G . But my Organization is insisting me to submit it. Is it mandatory ?

        Thanks in advance.

      2. You can only submit form 15g if your taxable income for current year is NIL. It is not mandatory. Show them rule otherwise they will deduct TDS. ( Many organisation do not know actual rule )

  46. Hi . I have worked 7 years for a Company and now i am associated with other Company.But when i apply for PF withdrwal they are asking to fill form 15g along form 19 and form 10c .Is that required.

    1. If your estimated taxable income for current year 2015-16 is NIL, submit form 15G. otherwise give them pan card and form 19.

  47. Hi , I am Nazeema. I plan to withdraw my PF after 5 years. My last working day was June 2010. Right now am filling Form15G which is requested by my ex-company. Have doubt in Section 22 & 23. I dont have any Shares, FD, LIC, etc. So am leaving section 22 as blank. what about section 23?

    Please explain.. its urgent

  48. My tax has already been deducted at source in April when I left the company.if i mention this income, won’t they tax me again?

      1. thank u. in my case it seems it will be A+T+B+P+I
        A is FnF recvd after tax T deduction in Apr 2015
        T is amnt taxed on FnF in Apr 2015
        B is estimated salary that I may rcv in future until Mar 2016
        P is the PF amnt as mentioned in Epfindia site
        I is all interest via various investments

        It does not matter whether this amnt P is taxable (probably not since service > 5 yrs) or where FnF has already been deducted with tax T

      2. my confusion is you mentioned only taxable income .. A, P, I, T are all non taxable to my understanding because A is already taxed, P is not taxable since service > 5 yrs. The only taxable amnt seems like is Bi.e future estimated salary. could u pls clarify?

  49. Hi Admin,

    Thanks a lot for this detailed information on PF withdrawal, really easy understandable topic, But I have one query on filling in the form 15G, as u mentioned in earlier comment “IN column 23 – estimated taxable total income ( After deducting all the deductions and exemption)’, estimated taxable total income means our total gross salary right, if yes then we need to fill the column 23 with estimated taxable total income + PF balance which I am withdrawing right?

    Thanks in Advance

      1. Thanks for your reply, but still I am not clear about on filling column 23, See I have my Pf balance as EE amt:74251 & ER amt:45265, the pf balance is EE+EF right, if yes then is it fine if I have fill only the pf balance in column 23? or do i need to fill my taxable income from salary + PF balance? Please confirm


  50. Thank you very very much madam.Very useful article.. I strugled lot to fill Form 15G. But finally with this article I filled my Form15G form for PF withdrawal.

  51. Hi,
    i want to withdraw my PF from previous company. I was working there till 20th April 2015.
    1. Field 3 – what will be assesment year?
    2. Field 6 – for status what should i mention?
    3. Field 23 – should i add my Total year salary & PF Amount?
    4. In top of Part II there is declaration Kindly help in filling it.

    Could us pls help.

    thanks in Advance.


    1. AY-2016-17

      STATUS – individual

      field 23- estimated total taxable income for current year 2015-16. Read my post about PF taxability -https://taxmasala.in/income-tax-on-pf-withdrawal/

      Don’t fill part 2. it is for income payer. NOt for you.

  52. Thanks a lot Madam.

    I have one more confusion in declaration which is in 2nd page starting (above the signature of declarant).

    Kindly help me in filling Line No. 4 & 5.


  53. Madam,
    I am a self employed individual and my income never exceeded 125000 annually so I have never filed IT return now I have invested in bank FD and will be receiving 20000 annually for 2015- 2016 so to avoid tds I want to submit form 15g along with pan, I would like to know if I can leave column 7, 14, 17, 20, 21 blank as I have never filed returns earlier, will really appreciate any valuable advice,
    Best regards,
    Kumar. M

    1. You can leave last assessed year as nil. But enter juridiction and AO details in form 15G.

      1. Thank you so much, really appreciate your help, also wish to add that the effort and time you are putting in to answer the queries of so many people is commendable

  54. Madam,

    I have 4yrs-11Months accumulated amount Rs.83183.(ES+ErS+Pension contribution) up to March-2015
    I have no taxable income because I have LIC and Medical policies. column 22 is NA

    So what I should mention in column 23?
    Total income of the previous year(taxable)+EPF amount
    (0+53183(83183-30000)) or (0+Apr14 to Mar15 EPF amount)

    Please guide me.

    1. In column 23, you need to mention estimated total taxable income of current year 2015-16 including taxable PF.

      1. Thank you.. Really appreciate your help and putting effort and spending time for giving reply to guide the society.

        At Present I am working in foreign company. That is the reason why I mentioned as “Zero” in taxable income. Only taxable in come is Rs.53183.00. Shall I deduct my saving scheme amount from this EPF taxable income?.

  55. Hi Tarannum,
    Brilliant article. It helped a lot.

    I have a doubt. I was employed last year but currently I am unemployed. I am planning to withdraw my PF account.
    I don’t have any other source of income. So what exactly do I fill in the “Estimated total Income” section on Form-15?

    Also, I am not sure what exactly PF income is or whether it is taxable or not. Can you give me more detail about that?

  56. Hi Madam

    i resigned my job on April 1st 2015 due to cessation.My service with this MNC company is 4.4 Years,My EPF balance is 1.9 lakhs. what should i mention for point 23 in form 15G.

    i worked in BANGALORE MNC but PF office is in Delhi

    Also want to know how many months they will take for crediting my PF after submission of Claim forms.

    1. You need to mention estimated income of current year 2015-16 in point 23 ( including taxable PF).

  57. Hi Tarannum

    Firstly a very big thankyou for your post and replies to comments.

    I have worked in a software company for a period of 3 years and i resigned in June 2014. From June 2014 to August 2015 i prepared for exams and i havent worked anywhere. Presently i am working in a bank as an officer from this august 2015. I have few queries.

    1) As you have mentioned assessment year will be 2016-2017 as we are submitting forms this year and last assesment year will be 2015-2016. In column 23 i need to mention estimated income of 2015-2016. Since i havent worked from april to august my income will be nill and from august 2015 to march 2016 my income was around 2,80,000. As my estimated income was crossing 2.5 lakh tax slab can i fill 15g for pf withdrawl ??? or submit pan card and get 10 percent tds deducted.

    2) COlumn 23 – estimated total income of 2015-16 including pf withdrawal if it is taxable what does it mean can you please clarify or please mention the amount i need to place in 15 g form as i have given my income details above for this year 2015-2016 and i dont have any other income sources as mentioned in form.

    Please reply to my queries.

    1. Employer contribution and interest are taxable in PF withdrawal. Include it in estimated income.

      You are right in point 1.

  58. Dear madam , thanx for the article
    can 15g/15h be revoked after submission, because I came to know that my income is taxable thus I am not eligible to submit 15g , is there any process to revoke or remove 15g frpm bank after submission

  59. Dear madam,

    I have an FD of 85000 with interest rate of 8.5% and RD of 5000 per month with interest rate of 8.2 for one year. I have started both in June 2015.

    So i want to know is I am liable to submit form 15G.

    Actually I received so many messages from HDFC bank regarding filling for Form 15G.

    Please guide me..

    1. It also depends on other income. Calculate your estimated interest and other income. If it is more than basic exemption limit for fy 2015-16, do not submit form 15G otherwise submit. It is not mandatory.

    Nice article
    I left India for Canada and not filed any tax since i was not there and due to get my PF money back i want to process it. My company gave list of documents and of them was 15 G

    With your help i filed as much as i can i have some questions?
    # 18 is for Residential status and I’m currently not residing in India. What should i write
    # 14 says last Assessment year – i left in 2012 and hence since i havnt filed my Income tax. do you think it affects the TDS?

  61. Hi mam,
    I left job on feb 2015.i am unemployed from February.what should I mention in column 23? How to know if PF amount is taxable.i have 1.11 years of work experience

  62. Hi Tarannum,
    I left the job on 31-Jul-2015 after working for 8 yrs and 9 months. My employer is asking me to submit Form 15 G. I do not have any investment from Schedule-I to Schedule-V. But I have received some amount as Salary. PF amount I know from the PF portal, pension amount is not known to me but I can calculate upto approx value.
    My query in the above case is that column 22 should be NIL and what is to be entered in column 23 whether column 23 will also be Nill. Please advise.
    Tax is already deducted for my Salary at the source.

    1. Column 22 can be nil if there is no investment on your side for fy 2015-16.

      COlumn 23 will be estimated income of fy 2015-16. It can be nil if there is no income for current year.

      1. Hi Tarannum,

        I really do not have a word to pay my thanks. This is really unbelievable that I got your response in a rocket speed 🙂
        For FY 2015-16 I got some amount for my salary. PF and pension I am going to claim with PF withdrawal. Do I need to mention these incomes in clumn 23 of for 15g.
        My Service period is 8+ yrs…..do i need to submit form 15g for PF withdrawal.


  63. Hi,

    I am planning to withdraw PF from my PF account that was opened in March 2010. I left that employer in December 2013 and have not transferred the PF to my new employer. When I look at the form 15G, I see a statement that it is required to submit 15G if the service is less than 5 years. My question is:
    The account is more than 5 years, however the tenure with the employer who gave me that PF number was 4 years. Should I still submit 15G?

    Looking forward to your advise. Thanks in advance.

    1. Submit form 15G if your estimated taxable income is nil in financial year 2015-16.

      Your tenure for tax purpose will be considered 4 years as the employment is 4 years.

  64. i want to withdrawl my pf amount rs 60000.. after somany rejection i got the procedure through RTI to withdrawl my pf amount .. i have a doubt to fill form no 15 G. and where i have to send this form 15 G..along with pan card photocopy… is it form no 19 and 10 c is required along with form 15 G please clarify im waiting to get this amount from the year of 2012 to still…

    1. PAN card copy is mandatory.

      Fill form 15G if you have nil estimated taxable income in current year 2016-17.

  65. As per d revised 15h forms.what sud we fill in d column nature of income.Section under which tax is deductible n Amt of income n

  66. I have resigned my job in Oct 2015 ,I just wanted to know my assessment year to fill page 15G.will you help me

  67. Assessment year (for which declaration is being made) is……2016-2017
    Last Assessment year in which assessed is…….2015-2016

  68. MADAM i got a notice for financial year 2013-2014

    1. 2013-2014 CIB-403 time deposit exceeds 200000 with banking company.
    2. 2013-2014 TDS-194A TDS return-other interest.

    sir please suggest me what to do.. as soon as possible

  69. Thanks for the info, I am getting income from salary only, which schedule I need to prefer in 22nd para in form 15g

    1. Hi Ramakrishna,

      Para 22 (Estimated total income from the sources mentioned below) should be NILL, if you are not getting any income from the below sources.

      1. Dividend from shares referred to in Schedule I
      2. Interest on securities referred to in Schedule II
      3. Interest on sums referred to in Schedule III
      4. Income form units referred to in Schedule IV
      5. The amount of withdrawal referred to in section 80CCA(2)(a) from National Savings Scheme referred to in ScheduleV

  70. hi, i worked in a company from 2011 to 2015 . 2015 aug i left my job should . now am not working in any company. no other income for me now. should i need to fill 15g form? please help me

  71. Hi Tarannum, I had left an organization in 2014 Feb and was not working till 2015 August 2015. I have been asked to fill 15G from my employer to withdraw my PF amount since its more than 30 thousand. I am not mentioning anything in section 22 is none of it applicable to me.

    Below are my questions:

    How do I know my PF amount is taxable?
    since I have a break up of Employer contribution and my contribution towards PF, should I mention the entire contribution amount as taxable?

    Your earliest response would be highly appreciated.

    Raghav K

  72. Hi Tarannum,
    i worked in company from 6sept 2013 to 15oct2014. when i resigned i had submitted all PF cloure documents.but few days before it rejected because of 15G form. so i need to fill up 15G form for getting PF .but i have problem while filling 15G form
    1)what should i fill in the field 3(assesement year)

    2) declaration dates(while filling declaration .for the previous year ending on ……………….. relevant to the assessment year ………………will be nil. *I/We also, declare that *my/our
    *income/incomes referred to in Column 22 for the previous year ending on ……………….. relevant to the assessment year ……………… will not exceed the maximum
    amount which is not chargeable to income-tax.)

    3)field no.21,22,23,24
    please help me as soon as posssible

    1. 1)what should i fill in the field 3(assesement year)


      2) declaration dates(while filling declaration .for the previous year ending on 2015-2016. relevant to the assessment year 2016-2017 will be nil. *I/We also, declare that *my/our
      *income/incomes referred to in Column 22 for the previous year ending on 2015-2016 relevant to the assessment year 2016-2017 will not exceed the maximum
      amount which is not chargeable to income-tax.)

      3)field no.21,22,23,24
      please help me as soon as posssible

      Ans:- Column 22 can be nil if there is no investment on your side for fy 2015-16.

      Please confirm with Tarannum also.

  73. Dear Mam,
    I have opened a FD on 30.03.2016 and have submitted the 15G as well. Apart from that i dont have any taxable income. Do I need to file the return as well or only the submission of 15G with the bank is sufficient?


  74. Please display filled sample 15H Form, to be submitted in April 2016 immediately for submitting to Banks.

  75. Dear Mam,

    I’m having some FDs in bank, on which TDS is deducted in FY13-14 & FY14-15. Now I want to get the refund of it from IT dept.

    Which ITR should I file in following cases?
    1) For FY13-14, I do not have income other than bank interest on FDs.
    2) For FY14-15, I have bank interest on FDs and around 60k income from private teaching/tuition classes. No documents for this income from classes.

    Please guide!


  76. sir/mam,
    i have a RD (recurring deposit) in one bank @ 2000/ month and also have a FD (Fixed deposit) in another bank for Rs. 20000.

    My total income is not taxable.

    so , plz guide me in filling up 15G form.

    thanking you.

  77. Hi Tarannum, my taxable income from salary(less deductions) is Nil. I have not added the pf income in my salary while calculating the net taxable income. How can i know my PF income? Do i need to add the pf income to identify net taxable income?
    Appreciate your quick response.

  78. Dear Mam,

    I have total Income 2,70,000
    (Interest + OtherIncome)

    Can be submit form 15g ?

    AK Agrawal

    1. If Your current year total income less deduction is less than basic exemption limit . submit form 15G.

  79. Dear Mam,

    One more question.

    I have 2 PPF A/c
    One myself and second is my minor daughter (Nature guardian myself).

    I know Max. rebate is 1,50,000

    But can we deposit – Myself PPF A/c 1,40.000 and Daughter PPF A/c 75,000 ?

    (Max Dep – Myself PPF A/c 1,50.000 and Daughter PPF A/c 1,50,000 Is it legal ?)

    Please clear my doubt.


    AK Agrawal

  80. I last served on 06-11-2015. Now I want to withdraw my pf money by submitting of forms no. 10c ,19 & 15G. I’m having problem in filling form no. 15G so I request u to to help me in filling serial no.
    3. Assessment year
    4. Status
    14. Last assessment year in which assessed
    16. Residential status

    1. AY is 2017-18.

      Status is individual.

      Residential status is residential.

      Last AY is 2016-17.

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