Today is world of internet. Still you can file tax return manually, I have attached ITR Forms for A.Y. 2014-15. These forms are for filling income tax return manually.

What is manual return?.
In manual return, you have to fill details in Income tax return form and submit that to Income tax department.

Who can file manual return?

  1. Individual and HUF who has income of less than 5 lacks and who has not asset located outside India. He should not required to get his accounts audited and he does not claim relief under section 90, 90A, 91.
  2. The firm who should not get his account audited and having income less than 5 lacks.

Important points to note about manual return filling:

  1. Income tax department publishes separate income tax return form for each year. You can download the forms from Download forms for current year from following link.
  2. There are different forms for different categories of assessee. Select appropriate form according to your income category.
  3. Read full instruction before filling the details.
  4. Fill the basic and income information in the form.
  5. Show your tds amount in the column of the TDS. Check your credit of TDS in 26AS and compare it with your TDS certificate. If there is any difference, contact the deductor.
  6. Enter all the data correctly and make one photocopy of filled form before submission so that if there is any notice, you can find the mistake you have made.
  7. Submit the form according to your income tax jurisdiction.

How to know Income tax Jufidiction?

    Just click on above link and enter your pan number. That’s it. The income tax website will show your  jurisdiction.

    Choose your form
    ITR 1
    For whom

    1. Individual having income from salary,
    2. Income from house property (other than where loss is brought forward from previous year, 
    3. Income from other sources (excluding winning from lottery and income from race horses)

    Download ITR 1 in English

    Download ITR 1 in Hindi

    ITR 2

    For whom

    1. Income from salary pension
    2. Income from house property
    3. Income from capital gain
    4. Income from other sources (including winning from lottery and income from race horses)
    5. If income of spouse, miner child is to be clubbed, this form is used if clubbing income is related to above head.

    Download ITR 2 in english

    Instruction for filling form in English

    Download ITR 2 in Hindi

    ITR 3

    Who should use ITR 3?
    Individual or HUF who is partner in a firm and not carrying out business or profession in proprietorship.
    Submitting return online is better option still if you have not adequate facility , you can file return

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