Due date for Gujarat vat return:

Businessmen can file manual return up to 30/10/2010 for quarter ending 30/9/2010.

Application for extension:

Lawyers and businessman has applied for extension of time limit for filling gujarat vat return.

Reason for extension:

The reason for extension of due date is various festivals like diwali etc. coming in october month.


Extension of time limit for gujarat vat return:

Finally goverment issued circular dated 15/10/2014 and through it extend the due date of gujarat vat return to 14/11/2014. So tax professionals get relief of 14 days.

You can download circular for extension of time limit from the end of the post.

Relief for interest and penalties:

So there is no interest or penalties levied for return filed up to 14/11/2014 as per Gujarat  vat rules 2003 and Gujarat VAT rules, 2006.




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