Result of CA final exam was declared yesterday. Congratulations to whom who have passed. The students who have not crossed ,don’t loose hope. Try again and do your best.

As we all know, CA exam is one of the toughest exams. But the sad things is that ICAI is not maintaining result percentage criteria for many years. When result is declared, we ask each other about pass percentage. But when we go for interview, interviewer does not ask us about pass percentage. You are CA and that’s enough. Of course, attempts are counted. But in some cases, when result percentage is high, many students are crossed out and when result percentage is low, eligible students who are more brilliant than former can’t cross the exam. So it all depends on luck. As we says always. So according to me, ICAI should try to maintain¬†average rate of pass percentage. So that, eligible will not suffer.

In this article, I have tried to analysis previous three exams results of CA final, from May 2013 to May 2014.

May 2013


Group Attended Passed Passing %
Both 27556 2764 10.03%
Group 1 45822 6319 13.79%
Group 2 50354 9389 18.65%


Nov 2013 (Lowest Result in last 23 Years)

Group Attended Passed Passing %
Both 32536 1013 3.11%
Group 1 51728 2932 5.67%
Group 2 54786 4026 7.35%



May 2014

Group Attended Passed Passing %
Both 42533 3100 7.29%
Group 1 65792 8884 13.50%
Group 2 65706 7004 10.66%


Finally after a tough result of Nov 2013, ICAI has increased passing percentage.  The result has been increased from 3.11% to 7.29%. Means increase of 134.41% from last exam. (for both group).

From this result, it is clear that the ICAI is not following one trend in result percentage. So it is better to work hard and expect for tough papers. So that you can cross the exam without being affected by result percentage.

If you want to share your experience of exam or share your result. Comment below or send us at We will write next post ‘ the experiences of students -CA Final May 2014 Exam.’

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